4, 10, 11!
โ—ฅ spookwithabrew

4. Do you have a DeviantArt, personal website, or art blog?

~ No i dont… even though my art teacher insists that I create a DevianArt account. I usually just post it on my personal tumblr… which ends up getting lost in a bunch of other posts *blushes*

10. Are you confident about your art?

~For the most part… not really. I mean drawing wise, I dont believe that I can draw well, but when it comes to creating logos or graphics or websites… I can get a bit cocky.

11.ย How many art-related blogs do you follow?

~ On my personal Tumblr.. quite a few. sadly a lot of them hardly post anymore. I love following art blogs or design blogs. Just not enough update. :’(

Thank you for asking sweetie!!!! โ™ฅ



its october you guys!


being pumped for halloween but tryin to stay professional like